GoSeedit | Fast, easy to use, multi-platform payment system on the Tron Network

How to GoSeedit on Telegram

Short introduction

With Seedit you can send TRX and Tokens to other Telegram users using simple commands.

Step 1 Setting up a account

Seedit generates a wallet for your Telegram account. If you received a tip then your wallet has already been created. If you haven't received a tip yet then you can get started by sending a message to the GoSeedit Telegram Bot.

GoSeeditBot will provide you with a menu that you can navigate to retrieve your wallet information.

Step 2 Sending tips

When you have your wallet ready and enough TRX to start tipping you can start using it in channels. There are a few prerequisites to use the GoSeeditBot:

  1. GoSeeditBot has to be present in the channel. Ask the admins to add them to your favorite channels! :D
  2. You need at least 1 TRX in your wallet
  3. GoSeeditBot can only tip messages that it has seen. So if you invite the bot to your channel then i won't be able to tip any messages that were sent before the bot was present in the channel

Now to send a tip you can reply to a message and send the message /tip, for example /tip 1. If you want to send a token then use /tip, for example: /tip 1 SEED